EduCals is here to cater to the busy lives of children, offering a variety of calendar designs perfect for keeping track of school holidays, birthday parties, and after-school activities.

Additionally, for children who come from split households and have shared custody, this can create confusion as they are always transitioning between homes.

So we decided to create a range of unique calendars designed specifically for children to use to understand what their daily / weekly / monthly routine looks like.

These calendars are fun for children to use, however they also serve as an educational tool to help with time management and productivity.

Our calendars feature:

Large A3 grid for kids to be able to write on.

Larger font on the days of the week, months and numbered days which is easier to read. 

Bright, bold & colourful designs throughout.

A children’s joke that accompanies the picture on each month to keep them laughing and smiling.

Every calendar comes with colouring in, games, puzzles & learning aids.

Discover our newest additions to the store - A3 Educational posters and A4 Mini Poster Sets. These pieces are not only great for framing but also provide valuable educational content.

Dean Fairbrass

Creator of EduCals - Graphic Designer - Step Dad

One day I was working on a project and one of our boys came up to my wife and I and felt overwhelmed by what was happening over the following 2 week period. He had football training and a match, a family party, a friend's birthday party, after school clubs and was going back to his dads for the following week. We tried to explain to him what was happening on each day but it confused him even more. My wife tried to find a child friendly calendar on the internet but to no avail.

This is how the idea for EduCals was born.